The Old Gods

I wanted to play with double exposure and the concept of Greek Gods.

It is a 1 Light Set-up with a soft reflector for an added fill.

Now I don’t have a big white backdrop but what I do have is a white bed sheet. And that’s all this was.

Set up:

  • White bed sheet hung behind subject

  • Subject placed about a foot away from sheet

  • 430ex II placed behind sheet to light it

  • 1 Medium sized 5-in-1 reflector above camera, using the white side to just give a hint of light back.

Right away I noticed how the light wrapped so softly around the subject. Giving them a heavenly look and feel. Once that was done it was the trial and error of adding the other photos.

Quite pleased with the results.

I don’t want to give away who is who. I wanted to leave that up to the imagination.